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The #Occupy movement is possibly one of the greatest things to ever come out of Twitter. It began on Wall Street in the US and has spread throughout the world. Every major western city has an occupy came at this stage, even Galway has one.

What’s so amazing about the Occupy movement is the fact that it is global. While the aims of the movement in general can seem somewhat clouded, they have achieved vast amounts.  These people have established a united international front protesting against the harsh measures implemented worldwide due to banking crisis. AND their online presence is unprecedented, with pages on almost every social networking site out there.

The online aspect of the #occupy movement has allowed young people engage with political activism like never before. When you’re in college it’s hard to relate to stuffy politicians, being online and sharing ideas over the internet comes much more naturally to us. #Occupy gained such momentum because it was able to evolve and reach out to young people everywhere.

The aim of activism has always been to raise awareness; and thanks to both the physical and digital presence of #occupy the whole world knows about the failures of governments in dealing with the banking crisis.