I’m an IT student from  NUI Galway and I’ve been researching the use and impact of social media in political activism or Digital Activism as it’s been coined.
Sounds long winded and boring right? Wrong! This generation, people like us, have been using the likes of Twitter to change the world. They call it the Twitter Revolution.
We don’t have to dress like hippies these days to protest or even raise awareness about issues and topics that concern or directly effect us.

There is a problem with Twitter though; tweets are capped to 140 characters. This can be an impossibly small amount to fully express yourself to the world, and when you add hashtags and retweet symbols that space is reduced even further (as you all know). What ends up happening is that you tweet some hashtag for a political/environmental cause without any real explaination; leaving your followers to google it themselves.

My solution and the goal of this blog is to explain the tweeting trends. I’ll focus on the tweets related to digital activism because that’s the topic of my project, but in future who knows I can expand. The plan is to follow and find relevent trends, find out what they are all about, write a descriptive blog post and maybe throw in my own opinions, then tweet the relevant hashtag along with a link my post.

Hopefully it will become a much more effective way of using Twitter to get people more aware and engage in Digital Actvism.


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